When you have hundreds of thousands of ads on your website, it is your job to attract more people to those ads and ensure that they get a wider audience coverage. However, when ads exist only within your classifieds site, they are only accessible to your site visitors.

Many webmasters buy ads from Google or arrange for banners leading to their site be placed on other websites to get more traffic. All those advertising campaigns are only partly effective because other people treat them as ads, and not as native content.

Remote ads plugin

To help you promote your ads, we have developed a remote ads plugin, which allows you or your site users to display their listings on partner websites, blogs or forums. The remote ads plugin generates an HTML/JavaScript code on the go with all the settings and configurations that you have applied to it in back end. More so, when configuring the widget in the admin panel, you get a live preview option, which shows you how the final box will look like.

How it looks

Below, we will place a box with ads from our demo website, which we have configured on our admin demo. It takes less than a minute to configure the box and adding it to a WordPress blog takes only a few seconds.

For the sake of an example, we have selected a box, which represents ads from all categories of auto. However, the manager in the admin panel allows you to choose a specific listing type, for instance, “Property” and even a specific category under a listing type, for instance, “Apartments”, and in this case, the box will be populated with ads from the selected category.

Most importantly, the box may be styled in a way so that it won’t look like an ad and will be perceived by users as part of the website content. Upon clicking on an ad in a box, the user will navigate to your classifieds site for more information on the listing.

Visual styling

As mentioned earlier, the plugin allows you to place ads on other websites. When creating the plugin, we also wanted to make sure that the listings in a box could fit the concept of any website and be treated as part of its content. With this in mind, we have added a number of settings which will help you to style the box visually, these settings include:

  • Display ads in a vertical box or grid;
  • Set width/height of the box in pixels;
  • Ability to add a border, background color, as well as border-radius to a box;
  • Ability to set background color of an image in a box;
  • Ability to highlight field-color, listing title, price value in a different color;

Other options

The plugin works both for the site administrator and site users who have all of the settings and plugin configurations mirrored in their accounts.

To give your site members access to the plugin, you’ll need to manage the option in their account type. You may make the use of plugin for users a paid option and add to a client plan. This will mean that users will need to purchase a membership in order to be able to use the plugin. This is an excellent monetization option especially for dealers or companies who may have hundreds of ads and are interested in displaying them on partner sites.