If you are running an escort directory or a website with adult-oriented content, you should be aware that not all payment providers support escort/adult-oriented websites. 

PAYTPV and SecurionPay that used to support adult businesses has recently undergone rebranding and no longer work with escort/adult sites. When this happened, our team was tasked with finding an alternative payment gateway that allows accepting payments for businesses operating adult/escort websites. Having explored a range of payment providers supporting adult/escort sites, we have finally chosen Cardinity that you may use to accept payments on your escort directory. 

Cardinity – an all-in-one payment solution for your business. We chose Cardinity because it is one of the most trusted payment gateway registered in the European Union. It works with a multitude of businesses, including so-called, high-risk businesses, and escort is one of them.

Getting started

Since Cardinity is a European payment provider governed by the EU laws, it works only with businesses registered in any of the EU countries. We encourage that you check the list of countries supported by Cardinity. However, if you don’t reside in one of the following countries, you can still use Cardinity by registering your business via third-party agents or partners.

Cardinity works with most types of businesses including adult/escort websites; however, there are some business models, which are excluded. Be sure to check your website business model against the list of prohibited ones.

Full control over payments

Cardinity provides you with a multi-feature dashboard from where you have control over all the payments you receive on your website. Once you log in your dashboard, you may view general statistics on all payments or get detailed info on a particular one.

You may also configure various options in Cardinity dashboard, such as creating monthly/yearly subscription plans, adding a one-click purchase (remember me) option, recurring payments, and many others.

Finally, the dashboard allows you to withdraw the funds to your bank account. Regarding the transfer of funds to your bank account, you do not need to do it manually, rather, you may set a payout frequency (daily/weekly/monthly) and the payouts will be made to your bank automatically without the need to withdraw funds manually.

Fees and Commissions

There are no setup nor monthly fees. You only pay a commission if a sale is made on your website. For payments made with cards issued in Europe, the commission adds up to 1.3% + €0.25 on every sale. However, if your customers are paying with cards issued outside of Europe, there will be an additional cross-border fee.

If your website is an escort directory or a high-risk business, the commission fee will be negotiable on a case-by-case basis. The commission is also adjusted for websites handling large amounts of payments.

Why Cardinity

Cardinity is truly an all-in-one payment solution which allows you to process all types of payments.

  • Accept payments in major currencies with credit and debit cards from customers all around the world;
  • Mobile-friendly interface allowing customers to pay from their mobile phones;
  • Ability to integrate Cardinity into mobile apps;
  • Subscriptions or memberships to charge your customers automatically;
  • Remember me option letting your customers purchase with a single click;
  • Advanced fraud prevention;
  • Reasonably low commission fees;
  • Support of high-risk businesses including escort/adult-oriented websites.