Have you ever imagined how mobile phones refer to social media? Mobile Web is growing exponentially and is not going to stop it. Last year was a year of rapid development of mobile communication market, due to increased use of mobile phones and innovative Apple devises.

Today’s trend – is mobile technologies. The number of smartphone users is growing constantly. Mobile traffic increases rapidly and will leave the wire traffic behind. In February 2011, the company Cisco presented an analytical report on the perspectives for the development of mobile networks. According to their estimates, the volume of traffic in 2015 will be 26 time greater (and the speed, the number of mobile PCs, etc.will also increase). And according to the report of Pew Research Center, 47% of Americans read news using mobile devices. Mainly because people get information about nearby restaurants, cafes, lounges, shops and other establishments or news.

One of the most important trends – is the increasing distribution of devices with the ability to browse web-pages with full-fledged web browser as on PC, with support for HTML. Obviously, it’s time to adapt businesses for mobile technologies. It is very simple to make it. All that you need – is the mobile version of the site. It can be not only any special version, but also a light version of your resource. Many companies provide such services, for example Flynax created iPhone and iPad application and free mobile version for its classifieds scripts. With help of the mobile application from this company, you can easily and quickly start your online classifieds business. You must only download the application on your mobile phone.

If we compare December 2009, social networks have become the most popular category of mobile media. In the U.S., the number of users who are at least once a month visit different sites of a social network via their mobile phones grew by 56% – up to 58 million users. In Europe, the growth is even more – 75%, i.e. 42 million users. Especially popular social networking sites are among the owners of smartphones: in the U.S. – 57.3% (36.2 million users), and in Europe – 37.8% (27.5 million users) smartphone users regularly visit social networks. The main engine of growth is Facebook. In the U.S. – 90%, while in Europe – 85% of users regularly visit this network. YouTube and Twitter occupy the second and third position, but in Europe the growth of these services are more significant. But the biggest difference in the popularity of MySpace: the number of overseas users of the network is 20%, while in Europe – 32%.

As the mobile media audience is steadily growing (+20% in the U.S. and +19% in Europe), and all indications are that the trend will be kept, one of the most important changes is an increase in the frequency with which the owners use their phones to overview the content. In all three key categories (e-mail, news and information browsing, social networks) the number of daily use ,over the past year, increased, compared with weekly and monthly. It concerns to the social networks already mentioned, where the number of daily users has increased to 104% in Europe, and to 80% in the U.S.

For many people, mobile media is not just the impulse activity, going to the category of important services which are used everyday and everywhere: at home, at work or while traveling. We try to use mobile media everywhere and everytime. Now it’s a part of our life.