Flynax presents a new plugin that will make your classifieds website different from others – Testimonials. Testimonials plugin is a clear and easy manager for your site users’ feedback.

Testimonials plugin features:

  • Frontend block with randomly selected testimonials
  • Specially designed page for testimonials and submit form
  • Administration interface

Testimonials plugin adds a frontend block with randomly selected feedback from your site users, two buttons “Add testimonials” and “Read all”. The buttons are linked to a special page for testimonials of your classifieds website where users may add new testimonials through a submit form or read all testimonials added by others.

New added testimonials are moderated by an administrator of your classifieds website and have to be approved by him before publishing on the website. After approval of the administrator, they appear on the specially designed page and available for all.

The process of adding new testimonials through the submit form is protected by a standard captcha. It can be replaced with more powerful Google reCaptcha if you install corresponding plugin.

There is an option that allows you to switch off moderation function, thus all testimonials will be published automatically without moderation. We wouldn’t recommend that you switch off this function just to avoid spam or unwanted content on your classifieds website.

Get more positive feedback and make your website speak for you!