If you run a classified ads site it is essential that you have a number of payment providers through which you can accept payments from users. We have recently integrated Stripe Payment Gateway into our classifieds software and you may now activate it on your site in a matter of a few clicks.

The plugin is absolutely free and comes with the software. In this short post, we would like to list the advantages of using Stripe Payment provider and tell you how it can help you manage and accept payments on your site.

Stripe is a versatile payment provider allowing you to customize and tailor the payments and subscriptions in any way you want. If you are going to enable it on your site, you don’t have to worry about set-up or monthly fees as there are none. Stripe fees are fair and reasonable; you will be charged a flat 2.9% + 30 cents for every successful charge. There will be no extra charge for recurring payments or failed transactions. Stripe especially comes in handy when users have difficulty paying with PayPal or other payment providers.

Stripe is not only a secure and reliable payment provider, it is also transparent and straightforward especially when it comes to setting up payment plans. You may easily set up weekly, monthly, yearly plans or choose from a number of existing customizable plans. If you are running a promo on your site, Stripe will help you to set up hot deals or special offers, you may also create and manage a coupon system.

If you choose to use Stripe you may rest assured that users from US, Canada, Australia, UK and most European countries will be able to pay for site services. You may work locally and accept payments globally in your preferred currency. The payment procedure for users is hassle-free and transparent, the user does not have to leave your site to complete the payment. Another great thing is that users may pay with a mobile app right on the go. User interface is clear and simple where every button and icon is in the right place.

Stripe allows site owners to handle all billing, support and accounting issues as well as disputes easily in a matter of a few clicks with automated and simplified procedures. You will always have instant access to reporting data; you may connect Stripe with your existing accounting or ERP systems.

Stripe is always perfecting its security system in order to protect your business from fraudulent charges, all suspicious transactions are monitored and brought to your attention.
Stripe payment gateway integrated into your site will give you the following benefits:

  • Another option for your users to make a payment;
  • All payments are processed directly on your site;
  • Simplified and straightforward transaction and payment processing;
  • Reasonable transaction fees;
  • Offer your users coupons and deals;
  • High level security measures;
  • Excellent support.

All those benefits and advantages are just a few clicks away; you may easily set up and configure it on your site and take your users’ experience to a whole new level.