The New Year is just round the corner and everyone hopes that the year 2017 will be a better year when we’ll be able to make all of our plans and ideas to come true. For us here at Flynax, the end of the year is the perfect time to look back on the 2016 and speculate what we have achieved and how we have made our software better for our users. In this short post, we would like to walk down the memory lane and recall the significant milestones during the year 2016.

Software Updates

Updates are vital for any script because as time goes by, new features have to be added for the software to respond to current trends. Similarly, big fixes are essential helping to rectify the errors and bugs reported by users. We are committed to perfecting our script and making it better with each update. As of this year, we have had three updates where we added new functionality and optimized the script performance by fixing bugs and adding new features.

Release of the all-in-one script

Another significant milestone of 2016 is the release of the all-in-one script that many of the users had been awaiting. Now, the all-in-one classifieds script encompasses most popular classifieds types allowing you to launch your site, be it a job desk, car classifieds, property or services, and all of those classifieds types are now conveniently assembled in one script. What is more, you can easily add your own classifieds type right from the admin panel, create listings and populate them with appropriate categories. We believe that an all-in-one classifieds script makes you a step ahead your competitors in your classifieds business.


We believe that Plugins are a great way to extend your site functionality and give your users more ways to do business on your site. From the simple plugins which show the weather based on a user’s location to complicated ones allowing you to operate a Shopping Cart & Bidding, you have the ability to choose the ones which fit your site concept. In 2016, we have added 4 new plugins such as Affiliate Program, Nearby Schools, PesaPal Gateway and SassCompiler; we also released 102 updates for our existing plugins, each of which received over one thousand downloads. We are also committed to increasing the free/paid Plugins ratio, and currently we offer more free Plugins for classifieds than paid ones.

Classifieds Trends

Our ongoing mission is to comply with modern classifieds trends and allow our users to make the best of their classifieds sites. With this in mind, we keep an eye on the major classifieds market players and adopt the best practices in our script. Since many of our users wish to launch their sites based on major classifieds players – we keep developing most popular classifieds clones, and this year we have added a Craigslist clone to our list. It is also worth noting that our clones do not only allow you to get similar look and functionality, but also offer a touch of individuality allowing you to stand out from the original sites.

Native Mobile Apps

As users increasingly rely on their mobile devices and use them to access their favorite sites, we keep enhancing our mobile apps both for iOS and Android. Among various improvements, this year we have finally added native RTL support to our Android app and made it more user-friendly to millions of customers who use RTL languages as their native.

Our Plans

There is hardly anyone in this world who can say that he has achieved everything he planned and envisaged during a year. At the turn of the year, you realize that you haven’t done everything you wanted and you wish to complete it in the coming year. Similarly, we have a lot of great things coming your way which we are going to work on in the year 2017. Our agenda is set and clear, we’ll continue enhancing our classifieds software in the coming year to make sure that you run the most effective classifieds business.

Lastly, all of us here at Flynax wish to thank you for choosing Flynax for your classifieds site. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your business goals and launch your dream site. We are grateful for good customers like you because you make us realize that our work is rewarding and satisfying.

We wish you a prosperous and a Happy New Year and we look forward to meeting you again in 2017!

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