Recently, we’ve received numerous requests to replace emails with SMS for notifications – a seemingly more convenient way to notify site users. However, we recognize that users may overlook email messages because an email may get into the spam folder or get lost in the clutter of other numerous emails. In addition, email notifications are shown in the Notifications section, which can be easily missed or cleared by users.

What’s wrong with SMS?

Every event or action in our classifieds software triggers corresponding email notifications. The built-in email templates differ in both length and content. Despite the appeal of SMS, there are limitations. The character limit of 160 Latin characters (even less for non-Latin characters) poses a challenge, especially for notifications containing important information and links. SMS might be best suited for short, critical messages with plain text.

Is it costly to send SMS?

Considering the cost factor, email notifications remain a cost-free option. To leverage SMS, our SMS Verification plugin is necessary, and finding a local SMS service is a must. Keep in mind that sending a large number of SMS messages can become quite costly.

Our vision

Probably, it makes sense to use SMS for important brief messages with plain text.

2 thoughts on “Choosing between SMS and Email Notifications”

  • After reading your above comments, I think SMS verification plugin is enough for now. But you should expand the plugin features and fix the bugs. For example, SMS verify should be work for old users too ( I’m not sure if it exists in plugin now).l
    I think, the plugin is important but has been forgotten and it should be a major plugin like muliField.
    When it comes in front of you, you will see its shortcomings.

    • Hello Bahram Soltanirad,

      We’ll think about your suggestion and we’re going to update it soon.

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