We have updated our script to version 4.7.2 and the new update is available to all customers. As you may see, the new version does not offer any new features but focuses entirely on fixing bugs and issues found/reported in a previous version.

The new version fixes all those bugs and makes our script more stable and reliable. Below, you will see a full list of fixes applied to the new update:

  • Email duplicate issue in administrator and user accounts in back end fixed
  • Missing language edit icon bug in back end fixed
  • Support for the Vietnamese language in calendar datepicker added
  • Ability to manage sending user account passwords in emails added
  • Hreflang link structure on pages improved
  • Alternate links issue in multilingual listings fixed
  • Bug in the listing preview step with YouTube video selected fixed
  • Multiple redirects for domain.com.au type domains fixed
  • Bug after updating system cache in the front end fixed
  • Ability to import phrases after changing the default language added
  • A redirect added to the account pages from pages redirecting from “./html” to “./
  • Lengthy phrases saving issue in the language manager in back end fixed
  • Issue when saving phrases with the apostrophe in plugin managers fixed
  • Bug that resulted in uncontrollable removal of files from the server fixed
  • Option to copy phrases between languages when adding a new item to Data Entries added
  • Missing “Gallery View” icon issue on user account pages for mobile devices fixed

With all the known/reported bugs fixed in a new update, the work for our team is not over. For now, we are going to focus on an upcoming update that will not only target the script issues but will offer new functionality and enhancements. If you want to be the first to learn the latest news from Flynax, become our follower on Twitter, where we regularly provide insights into what our team is working on at the moment.