We’ve almost finished developing the new Flutter-based Application for our classifieds software There are still a few things to finish before we can get to the code review and testing. We would love to give you a release date but setting a deadline is not our strong suit so the final release date depends on a number of factors.

Listing plugin update released

We’ve released an update of the Listing Carousel plugin, version 4.0.1, in which we adjusted the plugin to Flynax 4.9.3. You can update the plugin from the admin panel if you run classifieds software 4.9.3.

An Auto Poster plugin update is underway

We’re working on an update of the Autoposter plugin. The new version will expand the plugin functionality and allow administrators to publish listings imported in XML and XLSX/CSV formats to social networks.

A Similar Listings plugin update is underway

As part of our PHP 8 adjustment program, we’re going to update the Similar Listings plugin. The plugin update will fix minor bugs and boost plugin performance.

A Sitemap plugin update is underway

We’re also working on an update of the Sitemap plugin. The update will fix reported bugs and improve interaction with the Auto Poster plugin.

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