Lately, we’ve been getting more and more requests for a jobs board script. This trend has become a clear indication of the growing interest in online employment software. Although our main product already includes the basic jobs functionality, we are still considering creating professional or specialized script that would meet the requirements of fully-fledged jobs board software.

The Jobs Board section in our current Software

As we mentioned above our software already includes the Jobs Board section. Some of our users, who liked the functionality of our software and plugins, converted it into jobs boads by disabling the other listing types, leaving just one, and making some minor adjustments. After analyzing the functionality of our current script, in particular the Jobs Listing Type, we identified the following key features that may be useful to you when creating a job site:

Multifile upload field. The new upload field allows users to upload a few files of different formats to provide more details to potential employers, which gives more flexibility to your jobs board.

Vacancy and resume module. The module features flexible management of sections, which provides a clear division between vacancy and resume categories on the site.

Configurable fields. You can always manage the existing fields or add new fields to resume and vacancy forms to meet the requirements of your project.

News module. You can easily share news and updates in the area of employment on the site in a separate news block.

Adaptive price/salary field. We’re working to improve the functionality of the price/salary field to ensure maximum user convenience. In particular, we plan to add such values as ‘from – to’, ‘negotiable’, and ‘ask the employer’.

Getting closer to creating jobs board software

As our script evolves and gets more functionality we open more opportunities for launching new products without putting excessive effort into their development. We believe we reached the point where we can start a new product that will be useful to our customers and prospects. At this stage, we are exploring the demand for professional jobs board software and we would gladly listen to your feedback.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts About Professional Jobs Board Software”

  • Hello,
    I like this and I am thinking about a feature where someone say for example is looking a plumber to do work they can post there request and have someone accept or bid for the job.

    To be honest I think you should combine the service script with the job script and you will have the perfect platform.

    1. Employers can post job vacancies from Summer Jobs to Career Jobs
    2. People looking work can submit resume or submit there skill
    3. and for those people offering one day or 7 days service/jobs then this platform should be able to accommodate that.

    I personally would go with the Service Script then add to other listing types for Vacancies and Resume.

    I wouldn’t go for Jobs only Script

    Email me and tell me what you think

    • Hello Errol! It never occurred to us to fuse the jobs and services because we thought they had little to do with each other. Actually, the idea is feasible: the Service Booking script allows you to add a standard listing type. So you can add the Jobs listing type similar to that in our Classifieds Software to the services portal and set it up.

  • Christoph says:

    First of all, the basic functions are required:

    For Employers:
    1. Create Company Profile: Employers can create a profile for their company, containing information such as company name, logo, industry, location, etc.

    2. Publish Job Listings: Employers can create and publish job listings, containing details about available positions, requirements, duties, and locations.

    3. Manage Applications: There are features for managing job applications, including receiving, reviewing, and organizing applications from potential candidates.

    4. Communicate with Applicants: Employers can communicate directly with applicants, whether through messages, emails, or other communication channels.

    5. Applicant Ratings and Feedback: Employers can rate applicants and provide feedback on their applications to improve the selection process.

    6. Filter and Search Functions: There are filter and search functions that allow employers to search and filter applications based on criteria such as qualifications, experience, location, etc.

    7. View Candidate Profiles: Employers can view the profiles of applicants to learn more about their qualifications, experiences, and skills.

    8. Interview Schedule Calendar: There is the option to schedule interviews and manage appointments in the calendar to organize the process.

    9. Integration with Social Media: Employers can share their job listings through social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

    10. Analysis and Reporting Tools: There are analysis and reporting tools available for employers to monitor and analyze the performance of their job listings, gain insights, and optimize the recruiting process.

    11. Customer Support: There is customer support available to assist employers with questions, issues, or concerns.

    For Professionals:
    1. Create Professional Profile: Professionals can create a profile that includes their professional qualifications, skills, experiences, and other relevant information.

    2. Manage Applications: Professionals can manage their job applications, including uploading resumes, cover letters, and other documents, as well as tracking their application status.

    3. Search and Filter Job Listings: There are features to search and filter job listings based on criteria such as industry, location, experience level, etc.

    4. View Company Profiles: Professionals can view profiles of companies to learn more about potential employers, their industries, culture, and open positions.

    5. Read Reviews and Feedback: Professionals can read reviews and feedback about companies and their application processes to make informed decisions.

    6. Career Advice and Resources: There may be resources and articles on career development, career advice, resume tips, etc., to support professionals.

    7. Receive Job Notifications: Professionals can receive notifications about new job listings that match their preferences and skills.

    8. Networking Features: There might be features to help professionals expand their professional network, make connections, and interact with other professionals.

    9. Career Events and Training: The platform could provide information about career events, training sessions, seminars, etc., that are relevant to professionals.

    10. Privacy and Security: It is important for the platform to implement appropriate privacy and security measures to protect the personal data and information of professionals.

    • Thank you, Christoph! You’ve provided a massive suggestion package. I believe we already have the majority of the features you mentioned in your comment. We’ll look into it more carefully when get to the development of the jobs board software.

  • I agree with Errol, rather than a professional employment platform, a simple integrated or combined section “Jobs and Services” for one off jobs. A section where people can post for a single job they would like done and get quotes from registered classified tradies, jack of all trades, labourers or handypeople. EG: moving house, one of delivery of furniture, a lawn mowed, rubbish removed, fence painted etc.

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