Ever since OsClass closed its website and stopped supporting its customers, more and more people come to us in search of a viable OsClass Alternative. They want their websites to run on a script that is regularly updated and supported. In this short post, we have assembled a list of the most popular questions that we get asked by OsClass customers wishing to migrate their website to a more stable and feature-rich script.

Is it possible to migrate from OsClass to Flynax?

It certainly is, besides, you are not the only one looking for an OsClass alternative. In fact, we have already helped several OsClass customers migrate seamlessly to our script. Data import is a paid service that we perform for an extra fee; however, we can always give you a discount to make the migration less painful. All you need to do is buy our script and our team will do the rest, simply provide us with access details to your host and we will perform all the data migration.

Will I retain my users, ads, categories, etc?

Obviously, not only do you want to transfer your website to our script, but you are also concerned whether you will be able to keep your users, the ads they had posted, the categories and fields created. The final result will be a website running on Flynax script with your data transferred and retained.

Will I keep my SEO rankings?

Despite the fact that Flynax is the best Osclass alternative, there might be some issues associated with keeping SEO ranking of your site after moving to Flynax. The problem is that Osclass and Flynax have different URL structures, which means that categories and listings will be integrated into Flynax URL structure. The changes will definitely affect your site because Google will need to reindex the content of your site on the new platform, which might result in a temporary ranking drop. We assume that your ranking will be restored soon but we cannot guarantee that your site will keep the same ranking as it did before because the Google search algorithms and ranking system are not predictable.

To mitigate the ranking drop we’ll add redirects to the new pages with the old content. Metadata of categories and listings will be moved along with the other data; all you need to do is to set up them from the back end. You will also need to track page errors in the Google Webmaster to quickly fix issues. Of course, we recommend installing our Sitemap plugin and adding it to the Google Webmaster and robot.txt

What themes will I have?

Flynax themes are similar to OsClass themes, primarily because Flynax and Osclass are both classifieds platforms. This means that you may explore our themes and select the one you think best fits your website concept.

This would be a very fast way to get started with Flynax; however, if you want to keep your current theme, we also offer custom theme integration, and we are prepared to give you a 30% discount on custom template integration. The final cost will depend on theme complexity and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

What monetization options do you offer?

If you have paying customers on your OsClass website, you are using some payment gateways to process and collect payments. In terms of monetization options, Flynax offers you most popular payment providers, including PayPal, Stripe, CcBill as well as many region-specific payment providers for Europe, Africa, Brazil and other continents. We also have a CoinGate plugin that allows you to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Does Flynax offer the same functionality?

OsClass classifieds has been out of business for quite some time, as a result, the existing functionality became outdated/new features have not been added. In contrast, we regularly work to enhance our script with new features and release major script updates at least twice a year. You may rest assured that Flynax covers all of OsClass functionality and gives you even more features.

Does Flynax offer plugins?

Aside from rich functionality, we offer 84 plugins, 42 of which are free. Most of the plugins are industry-specific, in other words, you may find plugins specifically developed for the real-estate business while others are suited to auto, pets or other classifieds types. Our team regularly works on new plugins and updates the existing ones.

Is Flynax suited to mobile devices?

All of our themes are fully responsive scaling perfectly to small mobile screens. Aside from that, we offer native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.


With mobile apps, your users will be able to download and install the apps to their phones and have all the functionality of mobile apps. If you want to get started with Flynax. You can do it right now!

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