As the entire world is facing tough times now and due to restrictions of movement millions of people have to stay indoors to wait out the pandemic. More and more customers ask us whether Flynax is affected by the current events. We thought it would be better if we addressed the concerns of our customers and prospects in this short post.

Is Flynax affected?

Flynax is an international company with its head office based in the US, support and pre-sales departments located in different corners around the world, including Europe and Central Asia. However, due to the nature of our work, all of Flynax employees may effectively continue working from home and perform all work-related duties without being present in the office. Our team is committed and dedicated, and the current situation does not slow us down, we keep working as we used to, in fact, it seems we now have more time on our hands that we may spend on perfecting our script.

The good sides

We believe that it is always possible to use any situation to our advantage. Since we have to stay at home, whether we want it or not, we discover that we actually have more time that we may use to implement our plans and ideas, and if your plan includes launching a classifieds startup, there is no better time to do this than now. Rather than get into a panic, it’s better to wait out the hard times and dedicate the free time you have for your project.

What we offer

Right now, thousands of online companies are giving generous discounts to customers and we also want to join the movement and offer you a 20% discount to give a jumpstart to your future website.

If you decide to buy our script, access to premium themes and a couple of premium plugins, and a mobile app, you will save over $100, which is great for a start. If you don’t want all the add-ons and looking for the least expensive way to get started, you may start with our base script and purchase cloud hosting solution for it to make sure that your website works fast for users.

Stay safe

All of us here at Flynax hope that this will be over soon and we will be able to get back to our normal routine. In the meantime, stay safe and use the free time you have to your advantage. Our team will be happy to help you build your classifieds project and we have all the tools required to make it a successful business.

To use our offer, please use STAYHOME promo code when ordering. Remember to click apply to make sure that the 20% discount is applied to your order.

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