The year 2023 is almost gone. It was a difficult year but we kept moving forward trying to provide our customers with the most wanted products and software updates. We want to summarize all the achievements that we made this year and highlight the products that are still in process.

In addition to the multiple plugin updates that we released over the year, we’ve also released a few new products that we can be proud of. 

Classified Ads Software version 4.9.2. We’ve finally added support for PHP 8 to our classified ads script and we’re very close to adjusting all our plugins to PHP 8 as well. The update includes a few valuable features.

Service Booking Script. After analyzing multiple requests and improving our Booking module we have released the first version of the service booking script. The script was originally designed to connect service providers with customers but we’re also going to follow up on your recent comments about the task-bidding/freelance feature.

Remote Storage plugin. Thanks to Amazon and their API we managed to make quite a useful plugin for storing media files (photos and videos) in cloud storage. It seems to us the plugin was underestimated to a certain degree.

Landing Pages plugin. We released the plugin unexpectedly for most of our customers. We believe that the plugin is very efficient in search engine optimization and consequently in increasing sales on your marketplace.

Safe Deals module. Released as an integrated module of the Shopping Cart and Bidding plugin, the Safe Deals module has become an inseparable part of the modern marketplace, where the safety of online transactions is crucial to the site’s reputation.

We’ve started to work on a new version of our classifieds software. Early next year we plan to integrate OpenAI and roll it out as a plugin. We keep working on the new Flutter-based mobile App.

We wish you every success with your projects in the year 2024! We also expect to get more comments from you next year because your feedback helps us find out what is important to you and shape our direction.

3 thoughts on “Summarizing the 2023 Flynax achievements”

  • Please keep going on seriously.
    I think SMS account verification should be expand to replace all Email message with SMS, especially for websites which are active in one country and sending SMS is cheap.
    Most people prefer to work with SMS rather than Email.
    Currently your script is based on Email messaging and you should have option to choose SMS messaging for whole script.

    • Hello Bahram,

      We couldn’t agree more but the main problem is that the SMS length is limited to 160 Latin characters, and even less for non-Latin characters. Using SMS makes sense when sending short messages with plain text. Sending thousands of SMS can be quite expensive.

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