In this digest, we want to tell you more about the recent update of the Booking plugin. Although we released the service booking script a few months ago, it had one minor drawback: the Booking plugin was not preconfigured at all and all customers had to handle the setup on their own. We’ve resolved the issue in the recent plugin update by adding pre-configurations to the service listing type settings.

Now when you install the Booking plugin for the Service Booking script, you get a fully preconfigured booking module with all the necessary settings already in place. 

  • The plugin will automatically enable the hourly mode for the Services listing type;
  • The booking option will be disabled for the Tasks listing type.

We’d like to note that the update only works for the Service Booking script.

3 thoughts on “Booking preconfigured for the Service Booking Script”

  • Good Morning

    We are Excited to see these new features
    1. Will This plugin also be available to Classifieds
    2. As Most Of Your Clients are In The better part of the world the payment Plugins Suffice for Them
    In Sme of The countries Paypal Is not offered it only used to pay for the service and not receive funds to Merchant.
    Plus You do not have plugins For African Market Except Pesapal and this version needs Upgading so that we caan use the system as it is designed to be used.
    So do not forget the world of Less Plenty

    • Hello Mebs Juma,

      – The Booking plugin is available to all our scripts including the classified ads software.
      – Can you please submit a ticket and list the African payment gateways you would like us to add as plugins? Can you also describe the issues you are experiencing with PesaPal in a separate ticket?

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