Although we recently released Flynax 4.6.1 update that mostly targeted bugs and issues, we are rolling out a new 4.6.2 update today that continues our work on bug fixing.

Just as a previous update, the 4.6.2 patch does not offer any new features; however, we believe that it is crucial for customers because our developers did a colossal amount of work on fixing the bugs and issues that were uncovered by our testing team and reported by our customers. As you can see below, the list of bugs, which had been fixed is impressive making the current version of our script more solid and stable.

  • Bug after adding content boxes to the “Search on Map” fixed;
  • Bug found in list of messages during first visit fixed ;
  • Phone number bug in RTL mode fixed;
  • Redirects from / to .html for dealer pages added;
  • Bug checking incomplete listings fixed;
  • Incorrect expiration date in emails for incomplete listings fixed;
  • Cron performance for incomplete listings improved;
  • “Upgrade” phrase in “My Listings” grid added;
  • H1 title on the “Dealers” page fixed;
  • Truncation issue in SEO title for images fixed ;
  • Quotes issue in HTML fields fixed;
  • Count bug for allowed number of characters in HTML fields fixed;
  • Bug after setting a subcategory as primary and managing it fixed;
  • Video count bug after image upload failure fixed;
  • PHP 7.1 installation issue without mysqli fixed;
  • Blank main photo bug after cropping from back end fixed;
  • First name bug sent after enabling expired ads fixed;
  • Bug when upgrading a package to featured fixed;
  • Data entry bug when removing items fixed;
  • Bug in “Active till” filter in “Search in My Listings” fixed;
  • A freezing bug in “Featured Accounts” box fixed;
  • Bug in search for dealers by digits in default language fixed;
  • JS error in console on account type page fixed;
  • Account registration bug when adding from back end fixed;
  • Error 403 when saving a phrase with the apostrophe fixed;
  • Quotes issue in title fixed;
  • Black background bug in transparent PNG fixed;
  • Missing default values for textarea fields fixed;
  • Pay_date bug when making payments fixed;
  • Bug when uploading and saving image originals fixed;
  • “Forgot your password” wrong link issue on “Add a Listing” fixed;
  • Incorrect error bug in the errors.log file after YT video upload fixed;
  • Cache update issue when applying bulk action fixed ;
  • Bug in “Account address on the Maps” when posting an ad fixed;
  • Account thumbnail settings moved to the “Account Type” section;
  • Variable issue in titles of messages fixed;
  • Message removal bug fixed;
  • Category search bugs fixed;
  • Block for search bots to the “Add a Listing” added;
  • Unknown tag issue in ‘processStep’ resolved;
  • Process of editing account types optimized;
  • Bug when removing alerts from the Trash fixed;
  • Bug when enabling cache config fixed;
  • Status bug in newly added account types fixed;
  • Error in phrase when changing a category fixed;
  • Pagination error in registration fields in back end fixed;
  • Parsing quotes in the script optimized;
  • Tabs of multilingual fields improved;
  • Error in category type in “Mirror categories” fixed;
  • Slash issue in price tags fixed;
  • Position bug when loading groups of ads on the Maps fixed;
  • Clickability bug in prices on the Maps in mobile interface fixed;
  • Bug when filtering listings by category in classifieds templates fixed ;
  • Rates issues in agency script fixed.

We have already applied the update patch to our demos meaning that now you can take the updated version to the sandbox being sure that you’re testing the latest script with the majority of bugs fixed.

If you are running a previous version of our script, you may update it by applying the patch which is available for download via customer area. We offer life-time, free upgrades provided that you perform the update yourself by following the instructions on our forum; however, we may update/upgrade your site for an extra fee if you do not want to perform the update on your own and want the job to be done by professionals.

The update procedure may be quite simple or complicated depending on level of customizations and changes made to the website and the number of files to be merged. Therefore, the update fees will vary. Feel free to contact us regarding updating your site and we’ll get back to you with an accurate quote.

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