Following the overwhelming positive feedback from our customers after the recent blog post about integrating the OpenAI service into our classifieds software, we’ve initiated the development of a new plugin. The OpenAI integration will allow your users to generate listing descriptions based on cutting-edge AI technology and get them translated into other languages. Scheduled for release by the end of the year, the new plugin will offer customizable settings to tailor the description generation process.

Who will generate ad descriptions?

We’re going to add a setting that will allow you to control the number of attempts granted to users for generating ad descriptions. The plugin will have a setting that will control who will be generating ad descriptions. There will be three account types to choose from:

  • Administrator;
  • Visitor;
  • Registered users.

Is OpenAI service free?

Using the OpenAI service will involve a small fee. Each request made by the visitor or Administrator will range between 0.05 to 0.10 USD.

Will the Plugin support multilingual mode?

To cater to multi-language descriptions, we are exploring options to incorporate either OpenAI or Google Translate.

Extra monetization option for membership plans

Furthermore, we’re considering integrating OpenAI as a monetization feature into membership plans. This enhancement aims to make your classifieds site or marketplace more attractive to users and is likely to generate extra revenue.

Your contribution matters! Let us know your feedback and ideas, as it helps us tailor the new plugin to better suit your needs. Share your thoughts with us!

2 thoughts on “A New OpenAI Plugin for Classifieds Software in Process”

  • Google translator does translations very crookedly! Add the use of api it is more efficient as a translator! And I highly recommend to use ChatGPT via api as a translator too!!! As shown in practice version 4 is very good with technical translations!

    • Aleksandrs, thank you for your feedback. OK, we’ll think about your suggestion because some of customers also preferred the DeepL Translator to Google Translator.

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