The covid-19 quarantine has put global economy under tremendous stress and millions of people around the world have lost their jobs, thousands of small businesses have shut down completely. If you are one of those affected by the pandemic, you have probably been thinking about how to adapt to the new situation and keep earning money during tough times.

Working from home

During total quarantine, we have to spend more and more time at home either studying, spending time watching YouTube videos, reading news or doing things online. Even if you have never worked at the computer, you realize that you spend more time at it and working from home is becoming common practice.

Many businesses have worked successfully online long before the quarantine and more are shifting their operations online. An artist who used to paint and exhibit his/her paintings at a gallery or outdoors now needs to find an online presence for his paintings, similarly, every craftsman manufacturing any types of goods, be it furniture, handmade pieces of art, also needs to reach out to his potential customers, and the best place to do it is online.

Nowadays, dealer centers and real-estate agents can’t do their business without a website where they can offer their services online.

Can I do it?

The idea of running a business online may look intimidating at first if you have never managed a website before; in reality, it is not difficult at all with the right classified ads script to help you. Furthermore, online businesses are making double and even triple profits since more and more customers prefer shopping online; so, actually, there is no more opportune time to start a business online than it is now.

In fact, we have already helped hundreds of customers who had absolutely no experience in managing websites. There were uncertain and doubtful at first, but gradually their enthusiasm and desire to adapt to new reality helped them to turn their ideas into successful online startups.

First Step

To get started, you need a business idea that you want to develop, our script supports various classifieds scenarios, including:

  • Real Estate websites (any website for selling/renting properties);
  • All types of auto classifieds (dealing in cars, auto-related services);
  • Boats & Yachts;
  • Job board to connect employers with employees;
  • Escort and adult-related content;
  • Pets/Animals and all types of pet-related services;
  • All in one sites (dealing in all types of classifieds);

These are only a few of the ideas for your website, our script is very flexible and allows you to start a custom classifieds site in virtually any category, be it pianos, aircraft, antiques, vintage records, or any other unique category you may have in mind. You may have a look at some of our customers’ websites, which they have built based on our script.

If you already have an idea of what you wish to sell or what service you want to provide, we have the turnkey script solution to get your startup off the ground and turn it into a functioning website where you may sell your products and accept payments from customers.

What do I need?

Aside from the business idea, you will only need three things:

How we will help you

We understand that budget is crucial for a startup and you may be concerned that you won’t have enough money to get your project off the ground. We have made our script affordable to absolutely everyone; for only $195, you are getting a turnkey solution with over 40 free plugins and a free classifieds theme. It is more than enough to start successfully and you can always add other premium add-ons later.

It is worth noting that you do not need any tech skills whatsoever to run your website, all of the script’s settings and features are configured right from admin panel. All you need is a good business idea and willingness to work on it; from the tech side, we will do the rest:

  • Choosing inexpensive hosting for your website;
  • Advising on premium plugins required for your niche;
  • Installation of the classified ads script on your server;
  • Helping you with configuration during the first free month of support
  • Filling your site with content with help of data import plugins;
  • Basic SEO settings to help your site be indexed better by Search Engines
  • Showing you all the ways in which you may monetize your classifieds site;

We know that the times are tough for everyone now and in order to support you and jumpstart your project, we are offering you a generous 25% discount on all our products. You may launch your classifieds site today, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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