Meet the major update of the Street View Plugin; it used to be a Google Street View Plugin with Google as the sole map provider, the updated plugin adds the support of Yandex Maps as an alternative to Google maps. As we have recently integrated several other map providers in our script, we are now making some of our plugins compatible with the new maps, and Street View is one of them. 

Optimized processing of JavaScript and CSS files

We know that third-party libraries such as maps may perform resource-intensive operations on your website. When working on a plugin update, we double-checked the ways in which the plugin handles JavaScript and CSS files from either Google or Yandex libraries.

With the updated version, whichever map provider you are using on your website, our static files and library files are loaded only when a user interacts with the plugin. In other words, if a user does not interact with the Street View plugin, your website will not send unnecessary requests to the server for fetching data. It is only when a user clicks on the gallery or tab or scrolls to the street view box, will the plugin fetch data and show it to the user. This also means that the plugin does not affect the initial page load speed.

Using the Plugin

After updating the plugin, you will be able to choose a map provider in the admin panel. To start using the plugin on your website, you will need to get an API key from the map provider; we have written a detailed manual with step-by-step instructions on how to get the API key for your website. You will find a link to the manual in the admin panel, right next to the input field where you need to enter the API key. The last step would be choosing how the plugin will be displayed on your website.

In a previous version, the plugin offered only a tab view on listing details page on Flatty templates or as a gallery in new Nova themes for classifieds. The updated version offers three options of positioning the Street View Plugin:

As a gallery

As a tab

As a box under listing details page

The Street View Plugin is a must-have for real-estate websites as it allows users to take a virtual 3-d tour around a neighborhood where the property listing is located. As the maps are provided by IT giants such as Google and Yandex, the plugin works fast and makes your property listings more appealing, informative, and interactive for users.

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  • Thank you for integrating the Yandex maps. It’s a real game-changer for those who don’t want to depend on Google maps

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