Monetizer – Bump up & Highlight Plugin

We understand that your classifieds business is about earning money and giving your users more ways to showcase their listings and generate more leads to them. Aside from multiple ways we’re giving the administrators to monetize their website, we’re rolling out a new plugin called Monetizer offering Bump Up and Highlight options, which you can use to further monetize your site. Let us talk about them in detail and see how your real estate, car or classifieds business can benefit from it.

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Nearby Schools Plugin for Real Estate Software

When searching for a property, home shoppers wish to acquaint themselves not only with the house and its look, they also prefer to get as much information on the community and on the neighborhood of their potential future home. Read More

Weather Forecast Plugin updated

The weather is still one of the most popular topics and a lot of Internet surfers regularly check for weather forecast on their phones or computers. When a visitor lands on your site and sees real-time and accurate weather, he may feel more at home and will be less likely to navigate away from your classifieds site to get the forecast elsewhere. Read More

Top Plugins for your Real Estate Software

Once you launched your real estate agency or an online property management site you need to think of generating traffic, populating your site with properties and making it user-friendly and appealing to visitors. At the initial stage, you may think of your site as an apartment that you just bought and moved in. It is half-empty and poorly furnished. To provide comfort and make it cozy, you need to buy furniture and decorate it. Similarly, your site has only the basic functionality at the start, and the job of any webmaster is to think of plugins, which will make users’ visit to your site more enjoyable.

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Car Specs Plugin Release

Out of all listings, car classifieds require the most time from users to be added. The car owner has to go through a lengthy procedure of filling in the vehicle specifications manually. The process may be further complicated if the user has more than one car on sale. The new Car Specs Plugin is here to save the day, and streamline the process of adding car classifieds.

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Price History Plugin Release

Meet a new plugin – Price History! The Price History Plugin is mainly designed for real estate agency software; although you also can apply it to your boat and car classifieds or any other listings that are likely to sell for some time. The Plugin adds a box to the listing details page showing a price history of a listing both in a table and line chart.

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WordPress Bridge Release

It is common knowledge that a blog is a powerful tool for generating traffic and attracting new users to your classifieds site because well-written and useful blog posts get higher rankings in Google, Bing etc. Most users love reading and if you are capable of creating engaging content, you may expect more users visiting your site. In addition, a blog can be a perfect tool for sharing other information with your users on your site or on a particular page of your site.

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Meet a new plugin – Claim a Listing

When you start a classified ads site, your primary goal is to pack it with valuable and useful data from users however the process might take a long time and most site owners choose a quicker way which is to populate their sites with the help of CSV/XLS / XML import plugins and grabbers.

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Bad Word Filter Plugin

Bad words in ads and comments may embarrass users of your site and even drive away new visitors, especially if you run a large classified ads site with a lot of new ads posted daily or if you cannot review new ads on a regular basis.

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Great Update of the Filter Plugin

Hello everybody! Today we’re rolling out almost a new plugin – Filter, implying a drastic update of our popular plugin used by many classified ads sites. We changed its name from Category Filter to Filter because we reworked 80-90% of the add-on functionality to make it more stable and intuitive, and added a number of new features and functions, which make the Filter plugin a really powerful add-on. The new version of the Filter plugin extends beyond filtering classified ads in categories.

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Social Meta Tags Plugin

Due to the fact that the need for social network optimized contents becomes more prominent nowadays we decided to make a plugin – Social Meta Tags. The Plugin helps Flynax users better optimize for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

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Similar Listings Plugin released

Flynax is glad to announce the release of the the new plugin – Similar Listings. Similar listings plugin is a simple but quite useful and needed feature for your classifieds website especially if you have a giant website with a lot of listings.

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