Black Friday’18 Promo

Black Friday 2018

30% Off!

If you have been putting off buying Flynax Classifieds script waiting for a promo, it was not in vain, because our current Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal is here now and you can save big!

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The Social Login Plugin Release

When visitors land on your classifieds site and start browsing it, there always comes a time when some of them wish to contact a seller about an item, leave a comment, post their own ad, buy or book an item. These actions demand that a user goes through a registration to create a profile. Unfortunately for many webmasters, it is during this step that many users choose to abandon the website unwilling to spend time filling in all the fields to create an account. Read More

Mobile apps update and GDPR compliance

Whenever we release an update/upgrade of our script, we do our best to ensure that the new features and options are present across all platforms: from the desktop version to mobile apps so that every user, irrespective of what device he is using to access your website, enjoys the stable and updated software. Read More

Flynax 4.7.0 Update and GDPR compliance

The long-awaited update is finally released. A lion’s share of work in the current update was done to ensure full compliance with GDPR requirements – a major concern for our customers from Europe. It is time to proudly announce that with our updated version of the script, you may easily bring your website in line with GDPR requirements.

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Summer 2018 Promo

As the summer is slowly coming to a close, the temperature remains high; however, it is the day for our prices to drop low so that you could buy any of our products with a generous 20% discount. We have created this promo to celebrate a wonderful summer we are all having, and we would like to make the last days of summer even brighter by giving you a great deal on our script.

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Should I start a classifieds site in 2018?

The most frequent question that we get from our prospects “Is it worth starting a classifieds website in 2018?” We share our customers’ concerns and understand that the online classifieds industry has been developing for years and some may think that most of the niches have already been taken.

While our job is to develop and maintain our script, we are also interested in the classifieds market and its prospects for new customers. In this post, we will attempt to explore the state of the classifieds market in 2018 and whether it offers any prospects for new customers. For this post, we’ll be using statistical data from various reports on classifieds in public access.

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Update of Android/iOS apps

We are rolling out an important update for our native mobile apps for Flynax. In this blogpost, we would like to cover the features and improvements which have become part of this update.

Ever since we started developing our mobile apps, we have been committed to mirroring the functionality and interface of both, iOS and Android so that iPhone and Android users may enjoy the same experience. The update that we are featuring in this post is not an exception and the new features of the current update relate to both apps.

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Flynax 4.6.2 Update

Although we recently released Flynax 4.6.1 update that mostly targeted bugs and issues, we are rolling out a new 4.6.2 update today that continues our work on bug fixing.

Just as a previous update, the 4.6.2 patch does not offer any new features; however, we believe that it is crucial for customers because our developers did a colossal amount of work on fixing the bugs and issues that were uncovered by our testing team and reported by our customers. As you can see below, the list of bugs, which had been fixed is impressive making the current version of our script more solid and stable.

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Booking Plugin Update

We’re rolling out a massive booking plugin update. As a matter of fact, this is more than a regular update because the plugin has been reworked and redeveloped and now offers the entire functionality of a full-stack booking plugin.

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Mobile Apps for Classifieds

As opposed to PCs or laptops when users need a table and a chair, mobile devices allow people to stay mobile and connected irrespective of their location. They don’t have to be in the office but can be commuting to work, traveling or doing other things. A mobile device with a decent screen now presents a viable alternative to a laptop and users can do all of the things through their App.

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